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Welcome                                                                                                                                               Continuously imitated - Never duplicated

For those of you who are not familiar with Twist, we are entering our 13th year serving the gay community. Although we cater to the gay community, Twist has become a melting pot of gay/bi and straight people from all over. Billing ourselves as the original “Alternative Lifestyle” Club, we offer a place where you can be yourself, or be someone else! At times you may have no idea who may be standing next to you. We have had the pleasure of both local and national celebrities visit Twist and having, quote: “The Greatest Time.”

A  multi year winner of "Best Alternative Bar/Nightclub" by The Weekender Magazine & Diamond City, we credit our success with a number of things, a few being: a state of the art digital sound system that is second to none and that will rival ANY. And the lighting is a perfect compliment to the music. Speaking of music, you will  hear the most eclectic blend of ALL genres of DANCE spun by the most talented DJ’s who will never, like some clubs, “talk over” the music all night.

We like to consider this the “Heartbeat” of Twist.

In addition to the “Club” at Twist, we also have a quieter area called the “Main Bar.” For those of you that don’t care for the loud, pounding music or you’re just not in the mood that particular night and want a more social atmosphere, this is the place. We offer 8 beers on draft as well as a great bottle selection, and a nightly bar menu. There is never a cover charge in the Main Bar.

Then there is the "Patio Bar" which is located outside through the Main Bar. The Patio Bar is equipped with a full service bar as well as table standing and seating. With the torches going, you get a real feel of a tiki bar setting.
So, whether you are a "Twist Virgin" or a "Bar stool" you are sure to have a memorable time.

We look forward to your return!
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